Dec 2, 2013

Anonymous Hacks Honduras’s Elections Website


By Sofía Ramírez Fionda

As of the evening of December 2, the international network of hacktivists, Anonymous, has successfully hacked the website of Honduras’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). This came just a few hours after the loosely affiliated network announced its willingness to recount the votes and review the official electoral records of the past presidential elections, held on November 24.

In the website, Anonymous declares “we commit the sin of giving you the benefit of the doubt, even when we are certain that your institutions are useless, and don’t serve anyone but the one that has the money and the power in this country. We can no longer tolerate this and the help of your bribed media, who want the people to stay quiet and consume the process no matter what.”

In their message, they inform of a portal where they have allegedly collected evidence of electoral fraud. They also call for peaceful protests as a way to demand freedom. They ask people to “remember they have the weapons and money, we only have our voice, indignation and our desire for freedom. If you’re abroad, protest in front of embassies. If we don’t wake up now that we can, there won’t be another possible moment.”


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